Microsoft Meeting Minutes

  • ZipApp version live for 2-3 months
    – working to revamp
    – updated website and interface
  • Builds Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps
    – JS/HTML5 or C#/XAML
  • Possibility of adding plugins – How?
    – the architecture is only in place for Windows 8 because of C#/HTML incompatability
  • Content
    – upload images into ZipApp
    – Facebook/twitter integration
    – phone version calls directly into fb/twitter – API key 😦
    – Therefore, App calls to ZipApp, then to FB, then back 🙂
  • Layers:
    – Plugin layer
    – Developers can comit UI mark up, to compile it without knowledge of plugin
  • Click on tile -> game
    – Nothing to do with ZipApp
  • Variables
    – wordpress request variables in plugins in GUI format
    – got to make it work for ZipApp website
  • My spec:
    – Gaming API
    – Algorithms and logic for games
    – For hobbyists/A level students
    – able to upload
    – sprite maps etc
    – HTML5/JS
    – First month – working together for common API
    – Create test suits for bench marking
    – Direct X insertion
    – Proof of concept by July 19th
    – Create.JS (use as a basis and make simpler)
    – ZipApp has customisation
    – Lots of game engines already but no customisation

Go through Asure SDKs
Presentation on 19th July
20th June is Azure Day

Scope + requirements
Try to make it with plugin compatibility architecture.


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